Myths to Grow By

Speaker: Lavin, Tom
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Thomas Patrick Lavin, PhD. 6 hours 38 minutes. Audio.

Topics: Individuation, Myth and Fairytale.

Myths to Grow By

In his later years, Joseph Campbell defined mythology as a system of energy-evoking and energy-directing symbols which serve four functions for individuals and for the culture: the mystical, the cosmological, the sociological, and developmental functions. This course addresses the personal development aspects of mythological systems, using the writings of Joseph Campbell and others as a guide. Seen in their developmental function, myths are blueprints or road maps to personal growth. To know our own personal myth is to be filled with energy and progressive visions of an attainable goal. To know the myths of a culture is to know the path out the Wasteland. Myths are Daedalus-wings, allowing us to fly out of the labyrinthine pain of our own narrowness. This course explores mythological images and patterns as maps to personal and cultural development.

The course is separated into four parts:

  1. Mythologies of Journey and Pilgrimage - available for free on the Jungianthology Podcast
  2. Mythologies of Sacrifice and Bliss
  3. Mythologies of Heroines and Heroes
  4. Mythologies of Love and Marriage

Thomas Patrick Lavin, PhD is a Zürich-trained Jungian analyst who holds a PhD in clinical psychology and a PhD in theology. He was formerly chief clinical psychologist for the U.S. Army in Europe and is a founding member of the CG Jung Institute of Chicago. He is in private practice in Wilmette, Illinois, and consults internationally on typology, spirituality and addictions.

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