Healing, Psychosomatic Medicine, and the Judaeo-Christian Tradition

Speaker: Satinover, Jeffrey
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Jeffrey Satinover, MD. 2 hours 17 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Mind and Body, Religion and Spirituality. 

Healing, Psychosomatic Medicine, and the Judaeo-Christian Tradition

While conceptions of the relationship between mind and body can have exaggerated metaphorical correspondences, these theories correctly capture the reality that chronic psychological distress contributes to the onset, severity, and progression of many illnesses. "Metaphoric" views of psychosomatic illness, and the corresponding method of cure through psychological process, dovetail neatly with historical conceptions about "magical" healing. The traditional Judaeo-Christian concept of salvation aims at the soul: its fate is for eternity. The body, on the other hand, and all forms of personal power, will corrupt and die sooner or later; their saving in the present is therefore of secondary consequence. New York analyst Jeffrey Burke Satinover presents the iconoclastic view that, of all the methods that relieve distress, none is more thoroughgoing than that effected by traditional Jewish and Christian concepts of salvation. This provocative lecture explores these mind-body connections in depth.

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Jeffrey Burke Satinover, MD is an American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and physicist. He is known for books on a number of controversial topics in physics and neuroscience, and on religion, but especially for his writing and public-policy efforts relating to homosexuality, same-sex marriage and the ex-gay movement. He is the author of numerous books, including Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth and The Empty Self: C. G. Jung & the Gnostic Transformation of Modern Identity

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