Dweller on the Threshhold: Individuation, Intimacy & Communal Life

2 hours 40 minutes



Topics: Complexes, Individuation, Family and Relationships.

Dweller on the Threshold: Individuation, Intimacy and Communal Life

The process of individuation is usually conceived as a solitary one, involving the intense investigation of the inner world in order to foster an ever-deepening link with the Self.  This process of ego-Self connection requires not only an intimacy with intrapsychic elements, but also necessitates increasingly conscious intercourse with the outer world.  The development of a Janus-faced consciousness on the part of the ego complex, capable of looking within and without and finding resonance in these two conventionally separate domains is one of the more important outcomes of submitting deliberately to individuation.  In this course, ways to deepen interpersonal intimacy and foster a true sense of community will be explored within the context of the process of individuation as understood by Jungian psychology.


Learning Objectives

This video will help you to:

  1. Describe the process of individuation using terminology drawn from Jungian literature.
  2. Discuss how individuation contributes to an openness to true intimacy.
  3. Describe the structure and dynamics of community from and individual’s psychological vantage point.
  4. Analyze current social phenomena as examples of successful or unsuccessful individuation processes.

PowerPoint: The PowerPoint from this presentation is edited into the video.

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James, Ken

Ken James, PhD maintains a private practice in Chicago, Illinois. His areas of expertise include dream work and psychoanalysis, archetypal dimensions of analytic practice, divination and synchronicity, and ways to sustain the vital relationship between body, mind and spirit. He has done post-doctoral work in music therapy, the Kabbalah, spirituality and theology, and uses these disciplines to inform his work as a Jungian analyst. Education DIPLOMATE ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY: C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. (1993) DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMMUNICATIVE DISORDERS: Northwestern University. (1975) MASTER OF ARTS IN COMMUNICATIVE DISORDERS: Northwestern University. (1973) B.A. IN MATHEMATICS AND SPEECH: Northeastern Illinois University. (1971) Professional Organizations C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago International Association for Analytical Psychology Age Groups Adults Adolescents/Teens Children Treatment Types Individuals Couples Families Specialty Areas Hypnotherapy Contact [email protected] 773.983.5448 In-Person/Telehealth: In-Person & Telehealth Main Office: 53 W Jackson Blvd #1403, Chicago, IL 60604



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