Gold in Dark Places: Shadow Work in the Struggle for Selfhood



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Various Speakers.  11 hours 26 minutes. Audio.

Topics: Archetypes, Gender & Sexuality, Individuation, Myth & Fairytale, Persona, Shadow, Typology.

Seven featured speakers offer presentations reflecting a diversity of perspectives and the most current ideas on Shadow Work in the Struggle for Selfhood.

This set includes the following lectures:

  1. The Myth of the Shadow and the Shadow of Myth – Nathan Schwartz-Salant – AVAILABLE ON THE JUNGIANTHOLOGY PODCAST
  2. The Typological Counterculture: Introverted Feeling and its Allies – John Giannini
  3. The Vampire Archetype and Vampiric Relationships – Julie McAfee
  4. World Oppression and the Power of Transformation – John Van Eenwyk
  5. The Wounding Shadow of the Wounded Healer: Narcissism and Co-Dependency in the Helping Professions – Jean Shinoda Bolen
  6. Shadows on the Rock: Women, Violence, and the Church – Joan Chamberlain Engelsman
  7. Depth Psychology and Politics: Reflections on the Mythopoetic Men’s Movement – Andrew Samuels
  8. Shadow Issues in the Daughter’s Father Complex – Julia Jewett

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Ⓟ 1991 C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. All Rights Reserved by the Respective Speakers.

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Various Speakers

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