Exploring Jung's Red Book

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Ken James, PhD. 2 hours 46 minutes. Video & Audio Download.

Topics: Active Imagination, CG Jung, Religion & Spirituality, Self and Self-Psychology.

Exploring Jung’s Red Book: Artifacts & Methodology of the Individuation Process

Jung began the writings, diagrams and drawings contained in The Red Book shortly after his professional break with Sigmund Freud.  Although the rift between these two psychoanalytical geniuses has been explained along theoretical lines by both of them, and by later apologists, the personal effect of the event on Jung during the ensuing years was devastating on many levels.  Jungians call this his period of “creative illness” and critics of Jung call it his “psychotic break”.  Regardless of how this period is characterized, it gave rise to a text that bears witness to the integrity of an ego suffering beyond measure as it confronts the powers of the unconscious which are threatening the very existence of space, time and personhood that the ego strives to maintain moment by moment.

In this workshop, we will examine The Red Book in terms of structure, development and purpose.  The role of the book in Jung’s psychic life will be discussed, and ways to emulate Jung’s dedication to the contents of the unconscious will be explored.  The intent of this workshop is to consider The Red Book not simply as a Jungian artifact, but as an example of the means by which the unconscious may be encountered and progressively integrated for the enrichment and relativization of ego-consciousness.  Participants are encouraged to bring a notebook or journal for use during the workshop.

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Learning Objectives
This lecture is intended to help you:

  1)  To discuss ways in which the Red Book exemplifies the individuation process.
2)  To speculate on the way the Red Book contributed to the development of Analytical Psychology.
3)  To explore journaling as a means of furthering the process of individuation.

Ken James, PhD is director of Student Services at the Laboratory School, University of Chicago. His areas of expertise include dream work and psychoanalysis, archetypal dimensions of analytic practice, divination and synchronicity, hypnosis as a therapeutic medium, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. He has done post-doctoral work in music therapy and theology, and uses these disciplines to inform his work as a Jungian analyst. soulworkcenter.org

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James, Ken

Ken James, PhD maintains a private practice in Chicago, Illinois. His areas of expertise include dream work and psychoanalysis, archetypal dimensions of analytic practice, divination and synchronicity, and ways to sustain the vital relationship between body, mind and spirit. He has done post-doctoral work in music therapy, the Kabbalah, spirituality and theology, and uses these disciplines to inform his work as a Jungian analyst.

DIPLOMATE ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY: C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. (1993)
B.A. IN MATHEMATICS AND SPEECH: Northeastern Illinois University. (1971)

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