What’s Soul Got to Do with It? The Politics of Being in Institutional Life

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Topics: Psyche.

What’s Soul Got to Do with It? The Politics of Being in Institutional Life 

If soul is some kind of mysterious, ineffable, and pure essence of personhood, how can it be a vital factor in something as pragmatic, political, and clumsy as institutional life? The surprising answer is, “It’s inevitable!” The more provocative and compelling question, however, concerns the character of the soul’s involvement. Is it secret or open? Is it invited or shunned? How we answer these questions an whether we truly live the answers will determine not only the fate of the soul but the fate of everything. Peter Mudd, former Executive Director of the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago, explores in this presentation the relationship between the presence of soul and the vitality of institutional leadership and life.

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Mudd, Peter

Peter Mudd, LCSW, NCPsyA served as Executive Director of the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago from 1981-2000 and Director of Studies of the Institute’s Analyst Training Program from 1984-1995. Editor, International Abstracts in Analytical Psychology, Associate Editor, Journal of Analytical Psychology 1990-1995. Served as a board member, Treasurer and President for the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism from 1988-2003, and on numerous other boards of Jungian organizations. Currently in Private Practice in Evanston, specializing in Jungian analysis, psychotherapy, clinical supervision and organizational consultation.



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