Animus: A Non-Gender Perspective

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Cathy Rives, MD. 1 hours 45 minutes. Audio Download.

Topics: Anima/Animus, Dreams, Gender and Sexuality, Myth and Fairytale, Self and Self-Psychology.

Animus: A Non-Gender Perspective

Taught by analysts and training candidates who draw on their clinical and theoretical work, this set presents a range of views on the animus question. With the current debate over the nature and content of gender, Jung’s concepts of the anima/animus are being re-examined and, in some cases, reformulated or even discarded as a means of conceptualizing psychological life.

This lecture is part of the set Views of the Animus. Purchase the full set for 40% off the individual titles!

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© 1989 Cathy Rives.

Ⓟ 1989 CG Jung Institute of Chicago.


Rives, Cathy

Cathy Rives, MD is a psychiatrist, Jungian Analyst,
and Chair of the Clinical Psychology Program at Pacifica Graduate
Institute. She is particularly interested in Jungian developmental
theory, a way of working analytically that integrates Jungian theory,
Object Relations, and Self Psychology. She is also pursuing a new field
of study, the law, motivated by a desire to participate more effectively
in the field of non-human animal rights.

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