Civilization in Transition: Jung’s Challenge to Culture in Crisis



Various Speakers. 10 hours 4 minutes. Audio.

Topics: Archetypes, the Arts, Cultural Studies, Family and Intimate Relationships, Gender and Sexuality, Myth and Fairytale, Self and Self-Psychology, Shadow.

Civilization in Transition: Jung’s Challenge to Culture in Crisis

Jung urged a recognition of the power of the psyche to shape personal and social realities. His thought challenges us to reflect upon the perilous splits and precarious balances in our society and ourselves. The Civilization in Transition conference addresses issues such as the redefinition of gender identity and the nature of global dominance; the fate of feeling and empathy in an era of mass communication; the effect of economic development on the soul of the community; art as revelation and therapy; and the emergence of contemporary myth and symbol as healing potentials in culture.

This set contains the following lectures:

  1. The Soul in Exile – Marion Woodman
  2. Progress Without Loss of Soul – Theo Abt
  3. Sexuality as Identity – Ann Belford Ulanov and Barry Ulanov
  4. Shadows of the Female Self – Joan Chamberlain Engelsman
  5. The Ante Has Gone Up: The Conscience of the Post-Modern Artist – John Beebe
  6. Earth Fathers in the Collective Unconscious: A Transformative Archetype in Contemporary Society – Arthur Colman
  7. Necessary Other: Gender, Power and Love in Contemporary Relationships – Caroline Stevens

NOTE: John Beebe’s lecture includes 102 slides. Because he names most of them, we were able to find and include nearly all of the 102 images used. If the specific work of art or image could not be found, a similar one by the same artist was inserted in its place. They are included in the download.

© 1987 The Respective Speakers.

Ⓟ 1987 CG Jung Institute of Chicago.

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