The Body: Our Container for the Archetypal Experience

Speaker: Kelley, Jane
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Various Speakers. 1 hour 2 minutes. Video & Audio Download.

Topics: Archetypes, Family and Intimate Relationships, Life Cycle, Mind and Body. 

The Body: Our Container for the Archetypal Experience

Experiencing archetypal energy can be powerful and emotional.  Our bodies have to process these happenings as well as the emotions they activate.  But what if our defenses won’t let us?  In this presentation, we will explore how the bodily components of internal defensive structures can work against the embodiment of archetypal experience but how, once recognized and reverenced within the therapeutic relationship, can lead to a sense of wholeness.

This lecture is part of the conference Awakening Archetypal Awareness in Dreams and Daily Life, which includes the following lectures:

  1. Sharing Essentials: Archetypes and Intersubjective Space - Sherry Salman, PhD
  2. Lessons from the Consulting Room: Thirdness - Archetype of Intimacy - August Cwik, PsyD
  3. The Body: Our Container for the Archetypal Experience - Jane Kelley, LCSW
  4. Clobbered by an Archetype: How the Good Shepherd Knocked Me Over and Carried Me Home - Stephen Martz, DMin
  5. Panel Discussion with August Cwik, Jane Kelley, and Stephen Martz moderated by Barbara Friedman, PhD

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Learning Objectives

This video will help you:

        1)    Observe and describe archetypal symbols in dreams, waking life, and contemporary culture.
        2)    Recognize the difference between genuine symbols and manufactured images.
        3)    Discuss why being aware of what is archetypal in dreams, waking life, and culture is important as we try to be responsible to ourselves and one another in a global world.

    Jane A. Kelley, LCSW is the founder and director of the Kelley Clinic, LLC.  She has been practicing in the Milwaukee area since the mid-1980’s.  She received her Master’s Degree in clinical social work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1988. Jane’s analytic approach is grounded in the body/mind, soma/psyche connection.  Through her many years of using experiential, body-centered therapies, she has helped clients listen to the innate wisdom of their body’s messages for wholeness.  She carries specialties in the areas of addiction; grief and loss; depression/anxiety; infertility and childbirth concerns, and sexual orientation issues.

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