Dreams, the I Ching, and the Psychoanalytic Process

Speaker: Merritt, Dennis
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Dennis Merritt, PhD, LCSW. 48 minutes. Video & Audio Download.

Topics: Dreams, the I Ching, Religion and Spirituality, Society and Culture. 

Dreams, the I Ching, and the Psychoanalytic Process

Jung valued the I Ching as a method of exploring the unconscious involving the principle of synchronicity [as opposed to causality].  Jung’s "researches into the psychology of the unconscious processes long ago compelled [him] to look around for another principle of explanation, since the causality principle seemed . . . insufficient to explain certain remarkable manifestations of the unconscious."   Dennis Merritt has made use of the I Ching with his analysands for nearly forty years.  He will present a case study of a man who had a series of dreams in which hexagrams that appeared in his dreams informed the structure of the analytic work.

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The conference West Meets East in Jung's Psychology: A Dialogue includes the following lectures:

  1. Jungian Psychology in Translation - Murray Stein, PhD
  2. Snakes and Ladders: The Play of Consciousness in the Sand - Elaine Molchanov, LCSW, ACSW
  3. Dreams, the I Ching, and the Psychoanalytic Process - Dennitt Merritt, PhD
  4. Jung’s Encounter with the Soul of India - Ashok Bedi, MD
  5. Panel Discussion moderated by Barbara Friedman, PhD

Learning Objectives
This video will help you describe how the I Ching can be used in the psychoanalytic process.

Dennis Merritt, PhD, LCSW has an MA in Humanistic Psychology, a PhD in Insect Pathology from UC-Berkeley, and is a graduate of the Zurich Jung Institute.  He practices as a Jungian analyst, sandplay therapist, and ecopsychologist in Madison and Milwaukee, WI. He authored four volumes of The Dairy Farmer's Guide to the Universe - Jung, Hermes, and Ecopsychology. (Website: EcoJung.com, Blog: JungianEcopsychology.com).

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