Healing by Looking: Making Art Accessible

Speaker: Daly, Eileen
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Eileen Daly, JD, PhD. 45 minutes. Video & Audio Download.

Topics: Art and Art Therapy, Religion and Spirituality, Technology.

Healing by Looking: Making Art Accessible

"Christians have long used art for symbolically expressing their identity, for connecting with the eternal realm, and for inspiring spiritual growth. That said, the Christian practice of interacting with artworks has fallen off in the last few hundred years. As a religious educator, I am interested in reviving the practice but visual literacy is at low ebb. I have created the art/y/fact.Xn app as a tool for increasing visual literacy, increasing Christian literacy, and enabling users to reach deep inner places in dialogue with artworks. The mobile device(it is available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms) format seemed well suited to engaging people where original artworks are housed. The app empowers user interpretation of artworks (rather than reliance on others’ interpretations) and includes six audio meditations to draw the user into her or his visceral experience of an artwork."

The presentation focuses on an iPhone/iPad/Android app (art/y/fact.Xn, pronounced “artifact, Christian”) that attempts to make the art that already exists in the world (in museums, churches, books, web sites) accessible for spiritual healing. It will be part demonstration of the app, part explanation for why Daly chose the particular meditation themes.

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The conference The Healing Power of Art in Everyday Life includes the following lectures:

  1. Revisioning Jung and the Healing Power of the Symbol in Art - Susan Rowland, PhD
  2. Re-animating the Symbolic Function of Art Making - Mary Dougherty, MFA, ATR, NCPsyA
  3. Healing by Looking: Making Art Accessible - Eileen Daily, JD, PhD
  4. When Standing in the Doorway Heals, and When it Doesn’t - Don Fredericksen, PhD
  5. Panel Discussion moderated by Ashok Bedi, MD


Learning Objectives
This video will help youto be able to utilize a mobile phone application as a tool designed to increase visual literacy and to deepen one’s experience of works of art.

Eileen Daly, JD, PhD had a powerful healing experience in an art museum in 1987. Eventually she left her law career to understand that experience better and perhaps make such experiences available to others. Her doctoral work in religion and education focused on the power of art in religious education. She created the art/y/fact.Xn app and is a full-time faculty member at the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago.

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