Individuation, Adaptation, & Psychological Type

with Boris Matthews, PhD, LCSW.

The work of C.G. Jung offers thoughtful clinicians useful, practical insights into the emotional lives of clients.  Yet much of his work remains unknown to many clinicians.  The “Getting to Know Jung” series, which began with this lecture on September 18, 2015, introduces Jung’s key concepts. In this lecture, Boris Matthews will present Jung’s concept of individuation, explaining why it was so important to Jung and how it applies in today’s clinical setting.

matthews_borisBoris Matthews, PhD graduated from the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago, and maintains a practice of analytical psychology in the Milwaukee and Madison, WI, areas. He is particularly interested in working with persons who recognize need to develop a balanced adaptation to the “outside” and to the “inside” worlds, work that involves awareness of the individual’s psychological typology. Dreams, active imagination, and spiritual concerns are integral elements in the analytic work, the ultimate goal of which is to develop a functioning dialog with the non-ego center, the Self. He serves on the faculty and various committees of the Institute, regularly teaches classes for analytic candidates, and conducts study groups in Madison as well as by video conference.

PowerPoint: The slides for this talk are available HERE (right-click and click “Save Link As…” to download)

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