Power & Possibility in the Structure of Gender Relations

1 hour 14 minutes
Transcript Included



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Can we be both free and gendered? The answer to this question may be “no”. It may be that we are doomed to limitations of our freedom to know and express ourselves so long as we strive to fit ourselves into a set of ideas – any set of ideas – about masculinity and femininity and their relationship to one another. Even Jungian psychology, dedicated to the idea of individuation, urging a movement toward unique and freely expressed personal identity, has seemed to some of us to founder on the shoals of gender definition. Jungian analyst Caroline Stevens’s presentation seeks to discern the powers that govern our gendered lives and to discover how they may support, rather than hinder, connection with others and with personal authenticity.

Part of the conference set Who Do We Think We Are? The Mystery and Muddle of Gender, recorded October 18-21, 1993.

Transcript: A Transcript PDF is included with the download. This transcript was created using automatic speech recognition and proofread by a human.

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© 1993 Caroline Stevens.
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