An Intensive Overview of Analytical Psychology



Various Speakers. 14 hours 54 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Active Imagination, Anima, Archetypes, the Collective Unconscious, Complexes, Dreams, Persona, Shadow, Self and Self Psychology, Typology.

An Intensive Overview of Analytical Psychology

This set of lectures comes from our beginner level course: an in-depth introduction to the central concepts of analytical psychology as developed by C.G. Jung. The course provides a basic understanding of Jungian theory and delineates methods for activating and facilitating the personal experience of individuation.

The set includes the following lectures (click on individual titles for more information and samples):

  1. Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche, August Cwik – Available for free on the Jungianthology Podcast
  2. The Ego and Its Relations with the Unconscious: Freud, Adler, & Jung, Robert Moore
  3. Psychological Types, Thomas Patrick Lavin
  4. Persona and Shadow, John Van Eenwyk
  5. Anima and Animus, James Wyly
  6. Self: Center of the Psyche, Diane Martin
  7. Dreams and Active Imagination, Lois Khan
  8. Analysis and Individuation, John Van Eenwyk

© 1990, 1991, 1998 the Respective Speakers
Ⓟ 1998 CG Jung Institute of Chicago

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