Anima and Animus

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James Wyly, PsyD. 1 hour 50 minutes. Audio Download. Topics: Anima.

Anima and Animus

Jung described the anima as the archetypal image of the “feminine” in men, and the animus as the “masculine” image held by women. The function of these psychic components is explored, as well as problematic aspects of Jung’s theory pointed out by contemporary critiques.

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© 1994 James Wyly
Ⓟ 1994 CG Jung Institute of Chicago


Wyly, James

James Wyly, PsyD is a Jungian analyst and clinical
psychologist in private practice in Chicago. He also holds a doctorate
in music. He is author of The Phallic Quest: Priapus and Masculine Inflation.

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