The Magic of Dreams

2 hours 34 minutes



Topics: Dreams, Eastern Philosophy, Mind/Body, the Transcendent Function

The Magic of Dreams: A Study of the Transcendent Function

In the throes of his Red Book period, Jung wrote an essay on what he called the Transcendent Function (1916) in which he laid out the workings of the unconscious, the transformative energy in symbols, and the means of accessing such energy–namely the dream. Using real life examples drawn from his newly published book, My Journey to Ironman: Endurance Sports as a Means of Individuation, Dr. Sibilla will guide us through this seminal essay drawing from examples in his book while also weaving in complimentary teachings from the East including Buddhist koans to make manifest the magic inherent in our dreams. For instance, participants will explore the symbols and images from his dreams and how those were manifest in his athletic activities as well as in his training to become a Jungian Analyst and thus, will be afforded a front row seat to the workings of the unconscious in one individual. Participants are encouraged to bring their own dreams to share if they wish in an effort to also explore their symbols and images.

PowerPoint: The slides are included in the video

Audio: An audio mp3 is included with this download

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop the participants will be able to:
1)  Describe Jung’s notion of the Transcendent Function and the role it plays in mediating the relationship between the unconscious and conscious;
2)  Explain the use of the dream as a means of individuation;
3)  Describe the role of symbols, their life-transforming energy, and the role they play individuation;
4)  Explain Jung’s notion of individuation and the use of long distance endurance sports as a means of facilitating individuation.

Suggested Reading


Warren W. Sibilla, Jr earned the title of Jungian Psychoanalyst after completing his training at the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago. His clinical practice, in addition to Analysis, is focused on forensic psychology serving as a court-appointed expert in various roles. He is the Director of Training for Chicago’s Analyst Training Program. He has completed marathons, ultra-marathons, Ironman triathlons, ultra-distance triathlons, and now competes in Spartan Obstacle Course Racing and DekaFit Functional Fitness events. Finally, he loves his role as dog foster parent.


Sibilla, Warren

Warren Sibilla, Jr, PhD is a Diplomate Jungian Psychoanalyst with a clinical practice in Chicago, IL and South Bend, IN.  Dr. Sibilla served as the Director of the Clinical Training Program (2010 – 2014) at the Institute and teaches in their Analyst Training Program.  He is engaged in the study and practice of Zen Buddhism including authoring a book on the relationship between Zen Buddhism and Analytical Psychology as well as a paper formally exploring Jung’s 1958 dialogue with Japanese Zen Master and Philosopher Hisamatsu. Dr. Sibilla teaches in the Masters and Doctoral programs at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and The Institute for Clinical Social Work and facilitates silent contemplative retreats at GilChrist Retreat Center in Michigan. Dr. Sibilla graduated from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1993. Since earning his Ph.D., he has received a post-doctorate diploma in Object Relations Theory and Practice. Additionally, he has earned the professional title of Psychoanalyst. Finally, he has completed the training to serve as a court appointed Parent Coordinator and Domestic Relations Mediator. He is the President of the Child Development and Psychological Health Center maintaining a private practice specializing in forensic psychology including proficiency with court ordered psychological consultations and assessments with children, adolescents, and adults. He provides psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to children, adolescents, and adults. Finally, Dr. Sibilla provides professional consultation and supervision to many mental health practices and individual clinicians. Dr. Sibilla is married; he and his wife have four children. In addition to family responsibilities, Dr. Sibilla is an avid triathlete, currently competing in Ironman distance triathlons, marathons, and ultra-distance marathons. Education DIPLOMATE ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY: C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. (6/07) CERTIFICATE IN OBJECT RELATIONS THEORY AND PRACTICE: International Institute of Object Relations Therapy. (1998) PH.D. IN CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY: California School of Professional Psychology. (1993) M.A. IN CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY: California School of Professional Psychology. (1990) B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY: Aquinas College. (1986) Professional Organizations Associate Member, American Psychological Association (APA) Indiana Psychological Association (IPA) Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts (CSJA) APA Division 39 Member – Psychoanalysis APA Division 41 Member – American Psychology-Law Society Age Groups Adults Adolescents/Teens Children Treatment Types Individuals Couples Families Specialty Areas Diagnostic Testing Contact 574.232.4453 In-Person/Telehealth: In-Person & Telehealth Main Office 205 W. Jefferson Blvd., Suite 415 South Bend, IN 46601 Second Office 53 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 438 Chicago, IL 60604



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