Love, Eros, & Emptiness in the 21st Century

2 hours 45 minutes



Love, Eros, & Emptiness in the 21st Century: The Mandala Speaks

This presentation will revisit Jung’s declaration that there exists a widespread crisis of sterility in contemporary consciousness due to a culture of exaggerated skepticism and materialism. This emptiness fosters anxiety, despair, loss of meaning, and addiction. Unearthed by trauma, this emptiness plunges us into a longing for Eros. The figure of Eros in classical mythology grants us images of this powerful, but complex and ambivalent encounter. Engaged, incarnated Eros in the forms of dream work, active imagination, creative expression, and active work on relationships can birth a transformation that “quickens the sterile wilderness of the soul as rain quickens the earth” (Jung). The ancient and worldwide experience of the mandala, a symbol of the Self, can emerge in these forms to contain and channel affect-images from the archetypal realm to grant a relationship with the living psyche.

It was recorded on February 5, 2021.

PowerPoint: The slides are edited into the video

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Learning Objectives

As a result of attending this course, participants will be able to:
1. Describe the roots of the crisis of sterility in modern culture resulting in skepticism and materialism.
2. Articulate understandings of the impact of Eros on human consciousness.
3. Discuss the mandala’s significance as a medium for transmission of archetypal “affect-images.”

© 2021 Don L. Troyer.
Ⓟ 2021 CG Jung Institute of Chicago.

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Troyer, Don

Don L. Troyer, MD was a Kalamazoo, MI-based clinician who offered Jungian therapy, medication assessment, and psychotherapy sessions to individuals suffering from a variety of psychological illnesses ranging from stress and anxiety to depression and eating disorders. He was a certified analyst for over 20 years. He was also a family practice physician and a senior training analyst at Chicago Jung Institute. Apart from Jungian therapy, he also specialized in sand tray psychological technique as well. In Memoriam: Don Troyer



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