Moving Forward into the Past: The Dissolution of Traditional Gender Constructions

1 Hour 26 Minutes
Transcript Included



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Anthropologist Helen Fisher traces the evolution of human sexuality, disentangling sexual differences that evolved millenia ago from gender differences that were socially constructed during our more recent adaptation to farm living. She then offers a provocative interpretation of current trends in gender roles and explores where men and women might go from here. Part of the conference set Who Do We Think We Are? The Mystery and Muddle of Gender, recorded October 18-21, 1993.

Transcript: A Transcript PDF is included with the download. This transcript was created using automatic speech recognition and proofread by a human.

© 1993 Helen Fisher.
Ⓟ 1993 CG Jung Institute of Chicago.


Fisher, Helen

Helen E. Fisher, PhD biological anthropologist, is a Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University. She has written six books on the evolution, biology, and psychology of human sexuality, monogamy, adultery and divorce, gender differences in the brain, the neural chemistry of romantic love and attachment, human biologically-based personality styles, why we fall in love with one person rather than another, hooking up, friends with benefits, living together and other current trends, and the future of relationships — what she calls: slow love. Learn more about Helen on her website,



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