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  • Practicing the Presence of the Other Within: Developing the Ego-Archetypal Self Axis

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  • Understanding the Meaning of Alchemy

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  • The Jungian Psyche: A Deeper Look at Analytical Psychology

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  • A Psychological Approach to the Bible II

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  • A Psychological Approach to the Bible I

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  • Rediscovering the Mature Masculine: Resources from Archetypal Psychology

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  • Gold in Dark Places: Shadow Work in the Struggle for Selfhood

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  • Below the Neck: Body as Path to Personal Growth & Transformation (Video)

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  • Healing Archetypes of the East: A Jungian and Neuroscientific Perspective

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  • Chaos, Complexity, Creativity

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  • Awaken the Slumbering Goddess

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  • The Religious Functions of the Psyche

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  • Jungian Psychology and Kohut’s Self-Psychology

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  • The Tao of Psychology

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  • Gods in Everyman

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  • Goddesses in Everywoman

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  • A New Model of Psychological Types

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  • Ashes to Ash, Dust to Stardust: Alchemical Soul

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  • Insights of Egyptian Creation Myths

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  • Toward Something Larger and Greater: The Initiations of Love

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  • Betrayal: The Way of the Snake

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