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Thomas Moore | A Therapeutic Way of Life (Video)

Thank you to the Jung Association of Western Massachusetts for sharing this video.

From the video description:

Let’s deepen and broaden the idea of “therapy.” Originally the word meant “to nurse, serve or care for.” We are all sometimes called to be a “therapist” for our friends, co-workers and family members. We can all learn from professional psychotherapy lessons in listening, talking and being present to another. Professional therapists might also benefit from a deepening of the concept of therapy. This presentation draws on C. G. Jung’s alchemical descriptions of therapy and transference and on James Hillman’s idea of therapy of the world. It is rooted in Plato’s classic definition of therapy in one of his dialogues. It is for both professional therapists and ordinary people who might want some guidance in speaking “therapeutically” to people they care about.

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